Create * Transform * Renew


iMonarch is a coaching practice designed to provide services to clients in the areas of life coaching, educational coaching and personal development.  Everything we do is designed with our clients in mind, either through virtual relationships or in-person sessions.  Our delivery style is adapted to the client's needs and circumstances.

The name for this practice best describes our beliefs about coaching and personal development.  Butterflies in general symbolize transitioning to a new life from an old one.  They represent transformation and renewal.  We are committed to helping our clients transform their lives and experience new beginnings.

Our Core Values:







Empowering our clients to reach their maximum potential by helping them to move from who they are at present to who they CAN become.



"Michelle truly is an extraordinary coach!  Her energy and enthusiasm makes it impossible for anyone to feel down in her presence.  I came to her for coaching when I was feeling frustrated and discouraged about my work situation.  Her expert guidance helped me to see options that I wasn't allowing myself to realize.  After just a few minutes of working with Michelle, she brought me to a place of personal empowerment and helped me to achieve a resourceful state.  Michelle is a very versatile coach, and I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to make rapid results in their lives.  She will challenge you in her own encouraging and upbeat way, but if you do the work, you will be much better for it!"

~ Steven P.

Michelle is the founder of iMonarch and is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and a Certified Life Coach (CLC).  Based in the Washington, D.C. area, Michelle has taught in the education field for over fifteen years while helping others reach their educational goals.  As a coach, Michelle has helped many clients transform their lives so that they can live the lives they have always envisioned.

"If you see greatness in me, know that you are only seeing a physical reflection of what lies within you."